Four Bees Found Living In Woman’s Eye, Surviving Off Her Tears

Doctors discover four live bees feeding on tears inside woman's eye

A woman in Taiwan visited her doctor suffering from a painful, swollen eye.

"I saw something that appeared to be insect legs", the hospital's ophthalmology head Professor Hung Chi-ting said in a news conference, later reported by The Sun on April 4.

The insects turned out to be something called sweat bees, a lesser known (and typically harmless) species.

The doctor said it was fortunate Ms He had not rubbed her eyes as it could have squashed and killed the bees, and this would likely have led to more serious injury and could have caused blindness.

The woman, only identified by her last name as He, said she visited Fooyin University Hospital in the county of Pingtung to have her eye checked.

Pictures of the bees in Ms He's eye were shown on Taiwanese TV, after she and Dr Hung appeared to talk about the odd discovery.

A sweat bee gathers pollen from a flower in Davis, California in this 2010 photo.

The 3-millimetre long bees were carefully removed after a woman sought medical help with a swollen and itching left eye.

Dr Hong added that Ms He was "lucky" that she did not rub her eyes while the bees were inside.

He's eyesight had been reduced to under 0.1, the equivalent of 20-200 vision on the Snellen eye chart measuring visual acuity, Hung told reporters. They mostly nest near graves and in fallen trees. After pulling all out, he discovered that there were four sweat bees living in the patient's eye. "They haven't figured out what we are". "Luckily, she didn't have a high fever and it hadn't affected her central nervous system".

Sweat bees, or Halictidae, belong to the hymenopteran superfamily Apoidea, series Anthophila and can be found in areas around the world over 1,000 meters above sea level.

"She couldn't have asked for a better bee to sting her in her eye", Shelomi told The Post. "The bees will be fine", Shelomi said. "They were still intact and all alive", he said.

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